Our e-learning offering includes:

Our team partners with you to design an e-learning solution that is highly relevant, performance-centric and personalised. We work with clients across different industries to create learning experiences that address employee onboarding, management and leadership development, sales and service, operational risk management, products and processes.

Accredited E-Learning:
We offer customised unit standard-aligned courses. Once competent, learners will achieve credits towards a qualification in general management which is recognised within South African industries.

Bespoke E-Learning:
K2M will partner with your company to design customized eLearning that is highly relevant, performance centric and personalised.

Effective eLearning requires the learner to remain participative in the learning process. Interactivity is the key to ensuring learner engagement. K2M makes use of several techniques to ensure that your learners are constantly learning and applying new skills.

E-Learning techniques include:

  • Animation
  • Extra resources
  • Customised scenario’s that provide a sense of context
  • Games
  • Interactive exercises
  • Reinforced learning
  • Simulations

Non Accredited E-Learning:
We also have non accredited “off the shelf”, (E2Market), e-learning programs. These courses are a cost effective way to implement e-learning in your organisation.

To ensure all learner types are stimulated, our e-learning methodology includes:

  • Animation
  • Avatars
  • Closed forums
  • Customised scenario’s that provide a sense of context
  • Extra resources
  • Games
  • Interactive exercises
  • Multi layered slides
  • Non-linear navigation
  • Reinforced learning
  • Scenarios
  • Simulations

NQF Aligned E-Learning:

We offer the following customised unit standard-aligned courses :

  • Communicate professionally, efficiently and with purpose (NQF 4 with 5 credits);
  • Manage conflict constructively enabling innovation, creativity and team effectiveness (NQF 4 with 5 credits);
  • Write proficiently, skillfully and strategically (NQF 5 with 6 credits);
  • Create, manage and work within goal-oriented, motivated teams (NQF 5 with 8 credits);

The courses include a blend of interactive eLearning modules comprised of micro-learning snippets which provide flexible learning, on-demand. They contain common workplace scenarios, rich multimedia experiences, hands-on activities and real-life examples which make the learning engaging, practical and valuable to your business.

Once competent, learners will achieve credits towards a qualification in general management which is recognised within South African industries.

The learner is supported and guided throughout the learning journey and their progress is evaluated using a formative assessment or quiz at the end of the course. To determine competence, the learner will put together a portfolio of evidence detailing how they have applied the learnings to their workplace.

E2Market Non Accredited E-Learning

The focus of the E2Market courses is to provide practical, bite sized learnlets that offer just enough learning for users to be able to complete a task at hand.

Our E2Market courses include:

• Business Writing Coaching and Mentoring
• Conflict Resolution
• Meeting Management
• The Positive Influence of EQ
• Time Management

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